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About Us

Entertainment Risk Management

Specialist Underwriters

Entertainment Risk Management is a specialist underwriting unit with its focus firmly on the Film and Television production industry.

ERM was established in 2002 by John Green and Karl Crawford and its principal partners on its main Film Package Facility are Lloyd’s Underwriters. This gives ERM the ability to transact cover on a global basis, as admitted security or as a re-insurer.

As a result, we can often underwrite risks in key filming locations where other film insurance carriers are unable to insure.


Experienced team

We have a wealth of experience and are service driven. We understand the film industry and appreciate the need to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a fast moving industry and we are able to underwrite a risk and issue policy documentation with minimal delay due to our delegated authority from Underwriters once full underwriting information is received.

ERM’s Underwriters are widely regarded as the most experienced Film and TV Underwriters operating today in their specialist field. This allows us to understand and apply flexible approaches to your clients’ risks when offering Insurance solutions.


Access to Claims Adjusters

Entertainment Risk Management access the services of specialist claims investigators / adjusters who have a wealth of experience in dealing with losses ranging from small equipment thefts to abandonment of a shoot due to loss of a key director or cast member.

In the event of a claim, whatever the size, you can be safe in the knowledge that the experts we deal with will be able to assist you.